About Impact Recycling

Impact Recycling was formed to bring a new dimension to plastic recycling.  Our plastic experts have applied their industry knowledge to help improve the circular economy by developing a density separation technology to recycle mixed polyolefins. We are helping to solve problems which recyclers face when dealing with hard to recycle plastics, creating value in waste plastics.  Separating mixed rigid plastics into higher purity PE & PP fractions, typically above 95%, increases the quality of plastic being recycled and reused.

Our History

Impact Recycling was formed in 2014 to develop the patented BOSS technology from laboratory to commercial scale. In 2017 the company achieved a significant milestone when successfully commissioning it’s first recycling plant in Newcastle on Tyne selling recycled product, and replacing virgin material, to manufacturers in the UK and across Europe.

 Materials we Sell

  Polypropylene Regrind (20MFR)

  Polyethylene Regrind (3MFR)


Baffled Oscillation Separation System

Your waste plastics recycled. Learn about why BOSS was developed to help solve the problem in plastics.

Material Sourcing

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