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  • 78 million tonnes of waste plastic are lost from the circular economy worldwide
  • 70% of this plastic is made of high value Polyolefins which Impact’s BOSS technology can separate and recycle into new products
  • Impact Recycling have worldwide exclusive use of this revolutionary patented BOSS technology
  • BOSS is already commercially operational on our first UK site and satisfying customer orders

It has become a well-known soundbite that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish. We see new images daily of sea life struggling with the plastic in our oceans.

We view waste plastic as a valuable raw material. Impact Laboratories Ltd spent 5 years developing the B♻SS technology to recycle waste plastic. Impact Recycling currently has an exclusive worldwide license to capitalise on this technology & to deploy it globally.  B♻SS uses “baffled oscillation” to separate different types of plastic into individual streams pure enough to replace virgin plastic used in manufacturing. We believe the cost benefit to plastic product manufacturers is compelling.

Our first plant in Newcastle is operational since Q2 2018 & has attracted interest from major industry players across Europe and the USA as part of a circular economy solution. Our plan is to open five additional plants across these markets by Q1 2020.

Patented technology, exclusively licenced worldwide

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