Precious Plastic, Lancaster, came to us to for recycled plastic. Recycling is expensive and there’s a reason a lot of companies are still using virgin plastic from oil. Collecting, sorting, cleaning, shredding, processing, packaging, transporting etc is a lengthy and complicated process! Precious Plastic don’t have the facilities to clean plastic from dirt or contaminants such as the foil leftover from your yoghurt or a non-recyclable label on a bottle for example.

TOP TIP: Clean your plastic thoroughly and separate all materials to ensure it has the highest value for recycling!

As a company who take large amounts of plastic and process it into regrind material, Impact Recycling can sell to companies like Precious Plastic, who will make recycled plastic products such as packaging. We gave Precious Plastic a tour of our workplace and a demonstration of out BOSS recycling system which utilises the different densities of Polypropylene and HDPE in water to separate them. This means no optical polysorting issues and therefore black plastic is captured (typically black plastic is rejected as it is undectable by lasers used for sorting).