Impact Recycling have been selected for the End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform, by The Alliance to End Plastic Waste and Plug and Play.

The startups entering into the Paris-based program are listed below:

1.    Circularise – Using blockchain to bring transparency to global supply chains and empower businesses to move towards a circular economy.
2.    Empower – Empower is delivering digital plastic waste deposit systems, a solution to the plastic waste problem by giving plastic a value and incentivizing cost-efficient collection and segregation at source.
3.    Greyparrot – Greyparrot provides AI-based computer vision waste recognition software to monitor, audit and sort waste at scale.
4.    Ichthion – Ichthion Limited is an award-winning developer of disruptive technologies to extract plastics and synthetic waste from rivers and oceans.
5.    Impact Recycling – A simple but innovative, water based, Baffled Oscillation Separation System (BOSS) for recycling waste plastic.
6.    Interface Polymers – Interface Polymers has developed new solutions to long-standing compatibility problems, and is opening up a new world of opportunities in polymer blending, joining, and finishing.
7.    Plastic-Back – Using an innovative, economic and environmentally friendly technology, Plastic Back is able to convert plastic waste (back) to crude oil and other valuable chemicals.
8.    Plastic Odyssey – Developing low tech & affordable solutions to turn plastic wastes into resources and foster decentralized social businesses in areas lacking waste management.
9.    Recycleye – Recycleye is disrupting the waste industry by combining computer vision and robotics, into an ultra-low-cost, scalable, and fully-automated waste sorting solution.
10. The Great Bubble Barrier – Clearing oceans of plastic pollution by using bubbles at the source: canals, rivers and channels.
11. Upp! UpCycling Plastic – We support companies, communities and local authorities to become plastic waste-free by using plastic waste to make 100% recyclable “re-plastic” products.

The End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform 90-day program supports new technologies which make recovering and recycling plastics easier.

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